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So I decided to take a gander at the Batman Movies, the ones Tim Burton and Joel Shumacher made. I neglected them at first, but then I decided to take a look at what was done before ol' Chris Nolan. Less violent than Nolan's but they capture the comic book feel very well. These movies are certainly less dark (not violentwise, comic book violence does apply). I mean like colorwise. The Dark Night Trilogy were dark, in a sense that it was realistic. These ones had more rainbows. 

I am going to tell you my thoughts on them. These are in no way reviews, they are just me saying what I think of them. 

Keep in mind my Comic Book lore is a bit shakey so not everything I say might be right so please bear with me. 

Batman- I love this one, the Joker was sublime. He was perfectly evil and sadistic. Jack Napier had a passion for chemicals and art which is surprisingly fitting. Michael Keaton's (AKA Beetlejuice) performance of Batman was actually rather good. I had my doubts because I see him more as a Joker if anything. But he pulled it off with radiant attitude. The story was well done though (spoilers) it's a bit odd considering that the Joker is the one who killed Bruce Wayne's parents. I mean I guess it's a good twist to keep it in relationship to the story, but it's just odd. All in all it's a stellar movie and I would reccommend it.

Batman Returns- Featuring Catwoman and Penguin. The Penguin in the comics I always saw was this rich dude who was a gang member. I mean I never thought him to be raised in the sewers. He's actually rather pitiable and he met a tragic demise. I actually felt bad for the guy. Catwoman...Whoo boy. Little Miss Selena Kyle. We hardly had a glimpse at how Selena was like before in the Nolan films. I'm glad they touched in it with the old ones. And both portayals Michelle Pfeiffer and Anne Hathaway, I love them both. They are both like cats. Sweet and lovable but deadly and poisonous. THe effects were really good for it's time too. I mean, it was created in the early 90s and it had superb visuals. 

Batman Forever- The one I am currently watching, Featuring the Riddler and Two Face, and Robin. Okay, need I say it? I. Freaking. Love. Jim Carrey. His slapstick and hamminess are perfect for the obsessive Edward Nygma, aka the Riddler. I never expected however Two Face to share the same happy personality as the Joker. Nor did I expect him and Riddler to really hit it off as Bad Guy Buddies. It's odd, and yet... I can see them sharing a lunch table together. Meaning I like them working together. Oh yeah, and Robin's in this one. Dick Grayson? He's still awesome. I mean he's a sidekick and yet we know that he will carry the torch, if he can curve his reckless behavior. I'm still watching this one. It's certainly nonsensical and bizarre. Moreso than the previous ones. And when we are introduced to Riddler, you know this guy's crazier than a box of fruity pebbles. The guy practically reveres Bruce Wayne...You know...before Bruce Wayne says no and turns him into a criminal. 


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