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I have yet to preorder Alpha Sapphire. I need to do that. Why Alpha Sapphire? Cause if my memory serves correct, that's where Sableye is, or rather it was in Sapphire. I grew up on Emerald.

I think I should do like an update journal, on my reactions, cause I like saying my reactions, even if people rarely read them.

Firstly- Mega Metagross 

It was bound to happen. I mean they Megaed Tyranitar and Garchomp, they were bound to Mega another pseudo-Legendary. But I was /always/ scared of Metagross, and now I'm scared for my health. 

All the other Mega Evolutions that were announced

Mega Sceptile and Swampert- YES!!! YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES! I was SO upset that Blazekin got a Mega Evolution, but not the other duo. I was wondering when that would happen, and I /never/ took that as a hint as a Hoenn Confirmed. Swampert's going to get Swift Swim. Slap Rain Dance on it and you're opponents will scurry home crying, especially since you would get Speed boost, a water type boost to your water moves, and according to Bulbapedia, it's attack stat increases which is okay for ground type moves that are physical, but as of Generation 6, most water type moves you can get before waterfall are special. But Sceptile's who I am truly waiting for. I mean, it's going to be a grass/dragon type, it gains the ability, Lightning Rod, which is okay if you are having a double battle with a water or flying type, but since Dragon and Grass types are already so immune to electric attacks, it's kinda weird to have that on there. My only hope is that it also gets a boost in attack, considering most moves it learns are physical, and they don't make up for the special attack it has. But Sceptile is always going to be my one and only so there.

Sableye- Again, another hint that should have slapped me in the face because Mawhile got a mega evo and Sableye didn't. I've always loved Sableye aesthetically, but it never made it on my team due to stats. But now with it's mega evo, it gets an added defense /and/ special attack. Lowered speed but the defense would make up for it. And Magic Bounce, which is like Magic Coat (bounces off stat lowering status moves, moves like torment or taunt, back to the user) in ability form. That's just awesome. I plan to use Sableye on my team, but it depends on how it goes. I mean in X and Y they hardly gave you any Mega Stones until after the main storyline. 

Diancie- Unless if I am missing something here, why give a Mega Evolution to a pokemon that hasn't officially distributed to the public (unless you have some magical system that can give you a Diancie) I rarely use legendaries, in story mode (against the main battles, gym leaders, crime syndicates, elite four ect ect) or competitively so I really have no use for it. It gets Magic Bounce which is a good thing though.

When will they announce Mega Latios/Latias? Come on Game Freak you are not fooling anyone! 

Actually that was a bit of a lie. In the Battle Frontier I used Latias quite a bit, mostly because she was technically my first legendary. I don't use legendaries that much anymore but I still have fond memories. That's kinda why I'm getting impatient with the Mega Latios/Latias.  

Secret Bases

I was excited for them before but now they make me smile happily. Secret Bases in Generation 3 was a system that allowed you to create your own little hide out in a tree, cliff, or bush, cause clearly /all/ of those things have enough space to create your base of operations. You could decorate it with traps, dolls, rugs, posters, ect ect ect. You really had no use for them, unless if you mixed records with players in which they could see your creative style, but aside from that, it's just something for design purposes.

They returned in Generation IV as wireless games, and while they had allowed you to decorate, you had limits on rocks and amount of stuff you could put in there. And to remove those limits, you had to link up with other characters and capture their flag. I really didn't find it worth it considering not alot of people I knew played Pokemon.

They finally returned with new features. They seemed to impliment the wi fi thing but since connectivity is so much more easier with the whole 3DS thing, it will be more fun. You have capture the flag and you could even design your base to become a Gym! It will be so exciting! 

Pokemon Amie

Apparently Pokemon Amie makes a comeback with Pikachu dressing up in weird ways... I really don't know. they say it may have something to do with the Contests which I /hope/ will return. I always spent hours in there getting the ribbons. 

Gym Leaders
Seems like most if not all the Gym Leaders/Elite Four are returning with new designs. But not completely different like the Crime Syndicates. Roxanne, Flannery, Wattson, and Norman look /slightly/ different but not totally. Brawly looks like he got a tan, but what do you expect when you are out in the tropics in the sun and waves surfing the day away? Their star pokemon (Nosepass, Torkoal, Magneton, Slaking, and Mahkuhita) appear to be the same. 

Phoebe, Sydney, and Steven all appear to be returning. Phoebe looks pretty sweet, but if her star Pokemon is of the Duskull Family (specifically Dusknoir) I'm going to have my Sceptile be used against him, kinda like in Mystery Dungeon. Sydney looks a bit different, but then again, I barely remember him. Steven, since he /technically/ wasn't the champion in Emerald (Wallace took that title from him when they had the man with the large ego take Sootopolis Gym), I do not know of. But he was the Strongest Trainer Ever (Red's status) and I still remember how hard it was to beat him. 

I'm getting very excited about this. The more news I hear, the more I update but this is just to stop spamming my journals with new ones. 
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